Under concept, cement floor, we understand as a slim layed - flat cement element (thickness from 3 – 8 cm), which is made from projeting contracting material and is layed directly on carrying ground construction (supporting conrete on the ground or on construction site made or assembled roof construction), indirect on a inbetween isolated layer, so that can take foreseen burdening. Quality of a cement floor dependts, from quality of materials which it's made of, from correct built in and well-keption and from right dimension according to purpose of area and loading.

It's useful as a made pavement or as a basis for different kind of floor coating. When it's made in a right structure this floor effectively reduces striking sound and improves warming isolation. When a floorheating is built in, it's useful as a heating body and contributes for heat radiating and even distribution of heat on the entire surface. Cement floor is reinforced with polipropilen fibres.


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