TAL-M-KORUND is a highworthed monolit concrete floor on a basis of dry mixture of cement, quartz sand and korund, witch is rub into fresh concrete surface. After final treatment (with power floats -trowels) is the floor surfacely closed and doesn't absorb oils, water and is resistant to mechanic loading and to temperature oscillations.

Basic information

Floor sort: monolit concrete
Use: 5-7 kg/m2
Binding: cement
Filler: quartz sand and korund
Chemical resistance: conditional
Pressure hardiness: 70 N/mm2
Bending hardiness: 8 N/mm2
Grindiness: 7 cm3/ 50 cm2
Colour: grey, red, green


A conrete platform is mde on static calculated ground tampon. The supportive concrete platform has to be made with concrete M 30 or more, with v/c fator less then 0,5. We spread ready mixture of TAL-M-KORUND on a fresh concrete surface. After mixture absorbs moisture from concrete, we start smoothing the floor. This proceeding is repeated so many times, that reaches projected consume of mixture on m2.


TAL-M-KORUND is used on middle and light loading surfaces. Because of possibility to make it in colours you can also reach an estetic look. Recommended use of TAL-M-KORUND is in:
- garages and parkings
- warehouses (hard and middle loading surfaces)
- ironworks
- transport ways
- airport hangars
- rubber indutsry
- car indutsry
- light truck repairment workshops

The maintainence of this floor is to brush away all hard particles of the floor, cleaning with water, vacuum cleaners, detergents and disinfectants. If you want that the floor would look even better, we recommend polishing.


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