TAL-M-KVARC is a highworthed monolit concrete floor on a basis of dry mixture witch is rub into fresh concrete surface. Mixture is made of natural quartz agregates, cement, dross and other components which are making better characteristics of concrete floor. Floor is surfacely closed and doesn't absorb oils and water, is resistant to mechanic loading and to temperature oscillations.

Basic information
Floor sort: monolit concrete
Use: 5-7 kg/m2
Binding: cement
Filler: quartz agregat
Chemical resistance: conditional
Pressure hardiness: 70 N/mm2
Bending hardiness: 8 N/mm2
Grindiness: 9 cm3/ 50 cm2
Colour: grey, red, green

We spread dry mixture on a fresh concrete surface M 30 in a quantity of 5-7 kg/m2 – it dependes what is Preocupation of conrete flor. Then we rub in a mixture several times in drying concrete with special machines (power floats-trowels). Before covering with concrete, we balance metal panels on a demanded hight, then we put in wire net and on demand also PVC foil. All wall, pier and foundation connections are coated with stiropor tape.

TAL-M-KVARC is used on middle and light loading surfaces. Because of possibility to make it in colours you can also reach an estetic look. Recommended use of TAL-M-KVARC is in:
- garages and parkings
- shopping centers
- warehouses (middle and light loading surfaces)
- schoolhalls and workshops
- textile factorys
- wood industy and timber yards
- sidewalks and ramps
- car repairment workshops

The maintainence of this floor is to brush away all hard particles of the floor, cleaning with water, vacuum cleaners, detergents and disinfectants. If you want that the floor would look even better, we recommend polishing.


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