TAL-M-2 is a highworthed monolit concrete Floor, surfacely closed, is extreme resistant to mechanic loading, antidusting and doesn't absorb oils, water and other petrol derivates. It's also resistent to salted water, detergents and to temperature oscillations.

Basic information
Floor sort: monolit concrete
Thickness: 10 and 15 mm
Binding: cement
Filler: quartz sand and korund
Chemical resistance: conditional
Pressure hardiness: 80 N/mm2
Bending hardiness: 9 N/mm2
Grindiness: 6 cm3/ 50 cm2
Colour: grey, red, green

It's made in procedure » wet on wet« in thickness of 10 and 15 mm, on previous fresh vacuum dewatered built concrete M 30 basis. The surface is finished with power floats -trowels, so it will become totaly straight and smooth.

TAL-M-2 is used on surfaces, where appear havy static and dynamic burdening, wich is in:
- cold warehouses and skating rinks
- warehouses (havy loading surfaces)
- industrial ironworks
- petrol stations
- ship docks
- rubber indutsry
- car indutsry
- light truck repairment workshops

The maintainence of this floor is to brush away all hard particles of the floor, cleaning with water, vacuum cleaners, detergents and disinfectants. If you want that the floor would look even better, we recommend polishing.


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