Laser screeding

We offer you laser screeding of concrete, where for the final leveling of concrete is taking care with a technilogical perfect laser screed machine.



TAL-M-2 is a highworthed monolit concrete Floor, surfacely closed, is extreme resistant to mechanic loading,...



TAL-M-KORUND is a highworthed monolit concrete floor on a basis of dry mixture of cement, quartz sand and korund, witch is rub into fresh concrete surface.


Cement floor

Under concept, cement floor, we understand as a slim layed - flat cement element (thickness from 3 – 8 cm), which is made from projeting...



TAL-M-KVARC is a highworthed monolit concrete floor on a basis of dry mixture witch is rub into fresh concrete surface.


Skate park Maribor

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Dela na mariborskem skate parku, v Borovi vasi, so pri koncu. Projekt še zdaleč ni bil enostaven, vendar smo veseli, da smo ga pomagali uresničiti in tako bili del še ene uspešne zgodbe.




It's good to know

Accordation of cement floors on a sort of binding materials

Cement floor:
most usual floor in apartments and family houses.

Anhydrated and magnesium floor: this floors have limited characterristics and must be made from a specialized companies.
Cement floor: most used floor, made of sand, cement, water and additives for mortar (contruction-chemical products) depending of usage intention. The structure is thousand times checked as for preperation or treatment. Biside of that have cement floors exelent characterristics at expertive laying and drying:

• optimum humadity

• insensible to moisture

• allround usage

• inside or outside usage

• if mixed with heating material also usable for flor heating

Considering manufacturer instructios and laying instructions, can this cement floor be layed by yourself.

Selfmade recipe: reliable,concrete simular mixture, is made of 1 part of cement and 3 parts of sand (granulation 0-8 mm) mixed with water in a viscous mass. At our firm you can get additives for mortar, wich will make this floor more resistant to rubing and easier to lay on and it will make it possible to use it as a heating floor(considering manufacturer instructios from a heating system).

Laser screeding

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